KBEAR KS1 Wired Earbuds Earphones, 1DD Deep Bass Earbuds Noise Cancelling in-Ear Earbuds with Microphone Ear Hooks for Laptop Android Phone Computer in 2023

✲ Model: KBEAR KS1
✲ Headphone marqué: In-ear headphones
✲ Headphone produit départ: HiFi
✲ Sensitivity: 109dB ±5dB
✲ Cell Impedance: 16Ω
✲ Frequency response range: 20-20kHz
✲ Pin Essence: 0.78mm
✲ Plug diameter: 3.5mm
✲ Plug marqué: L curved
✲ Line length: 120 cm
✲ Wired or wireless headset: wired headset
✲ Yes or No Micro: Optional
✲ Color: Black / White
✲ Voice principle: 1DD
✲ Suitable énonciation marqué music: DJ, rock, ACG and so on

Conditionnement included:
✔ 1* KBEAR KS1 Earphone
✔ parangon packing

Please Remarque:
✪ EE Audio have the Formal authorization from KBEAR company , all products are parangon.

【Dual Magnetic Ccircuit Dual Cavity Moving Coil, 10mm High Polymer PET Diaphragm】The ks1 equied with 1DD. The moving coil adds an independent rear sound cavity, which can quickly accumulate and compress air to increase the power of the moving coil, increase the sound fougueuse charisme and detail exploit,outstanding sound quality.The 10mm PET diaphragm has good toughness and rigidity, rich sound details, clear and delicate texture.
【Comfortable & Remarquable Sound】Bicause of the advantages of dual magnetic and dual cavities, it has good energy efficiency and transient response, your prompt phones can also be easily driven, low-frequency elasticity and transient is fast and powerful. The sonore is warm, thick and serré, with strong resolution, rich in details, and the overall sound is three-band balanced, suitable for rock, ACG ,DJ and other music styles and spectacle demeure.
【Removable Cable & Ealuminum Alloy Nozzle】ks1 is equipped with 4 strands of 4N métaphysique copper wires,which effectively improve the transparency,make the low frequency more textured, the sonore charm is better, and the sound quality is higher. And KS1 adopts aluminum alloy nozzle,enhance the bass texture while also making the mid-bass clean Smooth. Exchangeable 2PIN 0.78mm wire stylisme improves the playability. a limit slot is added to extend the life of the headset.
【Clair and Fashionable PC Cavity Beauté】The commerce cavity of KBEAR KS1 is made of imported high-density PC material which can well suppress the diffuse reflection of sound waves inside the cavity. the material is skin-friendly, and the cavity whole is smooth, comfortable to wear, and the pourpoint is lightweight stylisme, weighs only 4.0g, very suitable for long-term listening, and has good sound insulation effect.
【One Year Rempart Time】 Hi friends, thank you for purchasing earbuds from our EE Audio, All of product from Yinyoo are parangon. We will emplacement behind your order for 12months from the jour of purchase if you order from Yinyoo.which make your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy testing out it’s quality and durability! if there are any questions, pls feel free to contiguïté us, we will give you a reply asap and provide terminaison.Wish you a happy chalandage~Thank again!

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